Cigaronne trademark was created in 1999, and protected by
international patent law policy.

The holder of the trademark is SPS Cigaronne company.



Manufactured since 2014

  • Drained tobacco from toxic substances by innovative multi conditioning technology.

  • Triple layer PERLIT FILTER protected by international patent.
    The advanced version of HOLLOW FILTER invented in 1999 by SPS Cigaronne is protected by the international patent.

  • Hygienic hot foil line on the filter’s tipping paper  protected by international patent.

  • Exclusive cigarette paper with embossing of Griffin image   produced for SPS Cigaronne  with permanent contract.

  • Unique designed pack with velvety soft-touch surface.
    SPS Cigaronne is the owner of «Royal Slims» industrial model, created in 2013 and protected by the international patent.