About Us

SPS Cigaronne, founded in 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia, is a privately held company that engages in the production and sales of high-quality cigarettes. Cigaronne has made technologically significant advancements to the cigarette industry, which are protected under international patent law.

The company’s foundation is based on the principle of challenging the status quo; exceeding the standards of cigarette production in terms of quality, hygiene, and original design. The parent company of SPS Cigaronne is Cigaronne International LTD, located in London, UK.


In 2000 SPS Cigaronne introduced its new brand of cigarettes with a unique Hollow Filter, which was made with tobacco acquired from premium plantations around the world.

Since its establishment, SPS Cigaronne has been cooperating with some of the world’s leading commercial and industrial organizations, in order to obtain raw materials and custom-made manufacturing and laboratory equipment to ensure a smooth production process.

Filter Characteristics

After years of development, in 2014, SPS Cigaronne launched its trademark triple perlite filter, consisting of monoacetate, the natural substance perlite, and its original hollow filter holder.

Cools down the inhaled smoke.


The longer filter helps keep the smoke away from face and eyes.


Protects the fingers from nicotine stains & unwanted smoke odor for a  more hygienic smoking experience.


Does not get soft from humidity or heat providing maximum comfort to the adult smoker.


Since its establishment, SPS Cigaronne has been committed to creating revolutionary, New Generation cigarettes produced with cutting-edge technology, essentially establishing a new era for the global tobacco industry

Market Awarness

Thanks to our brand's quality and competitive advantage, we were able to realize our project on a large scale over a short period of time, expanding our market to over 35 countries.

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The Next Generation Cigaronne

  • 1. Tobacco Blend

    For the production of its new range of cigarettes, Cigaronne exclusively selects freshly harvested, high-quality tobacco imported from recognized African and Latin American plantations.

    Our tobacco goes through an innovative, multi-phase purification process which prevents the bitter aftertaste of smoking.

    Despite the innovative approach to cigarette production, the traditional taste and the aroma of the tobacco remain untouched.

  • 2. Triple Hollow Filter

    With the principle of continuous improvement, SPS Cigaronne was able to perfect its cigarette range with the development of its Perlite filter.

    Perlite is an environmentally-friendly mineral that is acquired from mined volcanic glass, which is known to be an effective filter for food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

    The filter is characterized by a unique cooling down of the inhaled smoke and its reduction of negative effects such as smoker’s breath

  • 3. Unparalled Design

    The unique appearance of the new Cigaronne cigarettes captivates and perfectly combines its aesthetic, anti-counterfeiting and hygienic functions.

    Ancient symbolism is a significantly attractive element of design on the new cigarettes. The dominating image of the mythological Griffin ennobles and refines the appearance of the cigarette, expressing confidence and style.

    The embossed cigarette paper is not only appealing from a design perspective, but also eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting.

    Unlike conventional cigarettes, the new Cigaronne filter is lined with a narrow strip of thin sanitary foil, which prevents the filter from softening, and adds an additional level of comfort.